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Services Offered

  • Free Water Analysis
    Upon request Ideal Water will come out to your home or business to sample the water. This sampling is done free of charge with absolutely no obligation. In fact since Ideal Water does not have any commission based sales personnel, the sampling process is very simple. We arrive at the location, draw the sample, take a look at the potential installation site, answer whatever questions you might have, and then we are on our way. We bring the sample back to our lab, test it, and give you the results and a recommendation within 24 hours, even if itís on Sunday. (Provided thatís ok with you.)
    You are looking for water treatment, not someone to consume your afternoon or evening with a high pressure sales pitch.

    Ideal Water routinely tests for the following properties:

    Hardness, Iron, pH, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Nitrates, Sodium, Hydrogen Sulfide, Manganese, Dissolved Oxygen, Total and Free Chlorine

  • Independent Lab Testing
    For a fee, Ideal Water will sample and deliver, to an accredited lab, water to be tested for any of the following:

    Bacteria, VOCs, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Radon, Heavy Metals (including Lead, Mercury, Arsenic), MTBE, Langelier Saturation Index.

    Please contact us for our current fee schedule and for contaminants not listed here.

  • Free Phone/Internet Quotes
    Although we would like to sample the water ourselves. We will quote equipment based on a water test results that are supplied to us. This will allow you, the customer, the information needed to make a decision without impacting your work schedule or time from the family.

    It is our belief that information is and should be FREE. We welcome questions to which the answers will help you make an informed and educated decision. We believe that helping our customers understand their water issues as they relate to families and lifestyles, helps us determine the best approach to correcting the problem.

  • Equipment Serviced
    We service most all brands of water softeners, iron filters, UV systems, reverse osmosis, chemical injection pumps, and point of use filters (carbon, sediment, taste and odor).
    We will visually asses all equipment prior to service, FREE of charge, and based on that assessment, we will make our recommendation as to the projected reliability of that equipment. We DO NOT CHARGE A DISPATCH FEE. You only pay for service if you decide to have us fix the system.

  • Well Chlorination
    It is sometimes necessary to sanitize a well. We can come out and perform this service for you for a fee. The instructions for this can be found in our education section of our site, or by clicking here.

  • Value Added
    We are a full service company that through years of experience can recognize issues that may need to be addressed. When we see these items we will inform you of them. In some cases we will be able to correct them for you, and in others we will recommend an individual or a company that can assist you. This is just another attribute that sets us apart from all the rest.

Ideal Water

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