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Our Journey

Over 37 years ago, a friend of mine came up to me and asked me if I could fix his water softener, and I did. Shortly thereafter another friend asked me to do the same. A relative heard me talking about it, and asked if I could install one for him, and I did. I have since realized that those friends and relatives I helped over 37 years ago were my first customers. I soon took on a partner, and proceeded to get the word out about what it was we were offering: A great product at an affordable price. We knocked on doors, worked nights and weekends, and made ourselves available to our customers when it was most convenient to them. We built this business like we were dealing with friends and family; a name with a face and an understanding of real life concerns.

As a boy, my son William would ride with me on Saturdays, helping out and cleaning up. As he grew up he has become more of an integral part of the business. In the early nineties my partner retired from the business, and my son, just out of college, came on board as my partner. That was the first year our business ever appeared in the yellow pages. Until then our growth relied on word of mouth and door-to-door sales.

The past 19 years have seen many exciting changes to our business model. This website is one of those changes that help us let the consumer be aware of the water conditioning options they have in the Hudson Valley and surrounding counties. Throughout all of the growth, and the ever-changing landscape of the business world, we always keep our eyes focused on what brought us here — delivering an excellent product at an affordable price, while accommodating our customers’ needs as if they were family.

That is what we would like to pass on to our customers… the trust, the quality and the experience of two generations.

We hope to have you as a customer, and, a part of our family.


Felix Zykoff
Senior Partner – Ideal Water

Ideal Water

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